March 9, 2021

Ed Muenzner - The Blue Collar CPA

Ed Muenzner - The Blue Collar CPA

In this episode Ed takes us through how he transitioned from a back injury to getting his accounting degree and starting his CPA firm. It's a story of hard work, determination and a will to provide for his family. Ed explains why he believes you should always use a local professional and why giving back to the community is so important to him. Ed is the man!! If you are looking for a great CPA who can guide you and help you with your business you can contact him at 860-892-1040  or at

Double Q

Quote - Play by the rules but be ferocious - Phil Knight

Question - What is your favorite play in baseball?

Ed recommends these two books - E Myth Revisited  by Michael Gerber and What Got You Here Won't Get You There by Marshall Goldsmith