April 13, 2021

Steve Muller - Norwich Agway - AO Muller and Sons

Steve Muller - Norwich Agway - AO Muller and Sons

Mary Ellen and Dan take an hour with Steve to discuss his love of music, how he came to understand the process of buying something at wholesale and selling for a  profit. He is a multi-dimensional guy who loves his family, plays and sings in a band, has a You Tube channel about the process of building his house and is an avid Red Sox fan. Steve has built his Agway business to being a staple in the Norwich, CT area and is one of the few people we know  who truly understands and lives his belief that you should work on your business and not in it. The name of his band is Woodsmoke and includes his friend Jeff and wife Jen. His quick wit and encyclopedia-like knowledge of all things Red Sox make him a great guy to sit and talk to. John Prine, who recently died, has been a big influence on his life and Steve likes to play and write his own songs. You can find his You Tube channel by searching White Pine Woods. There is a scholarship fund set up in Steve's mothers name called Doris Muller Memorial Scholarship. It is for eligible high school seniors looking to pursue their education in music. You can donate at Agway in Norwich and on the Norwich Agway website. Steve's recommended reading:
E-Myth Revisited
The Millionaire Next Door

Steve's Quote is from a John Prine song: That's the way the world goes around, you're up one day the next you're down. It's a half inch of water and you think you're going to drown.

Steve's mothers quote - Never wish your life away.

Dan's question - Have you ever snuck in to a public pool at midnight to go swimming a hot summer night? Don't miss Steve's version!!!